Terms & Conditions Loyalty Programme Hotel KINGS COURT & Hotel KING DAVID Prague

Provider = company HMG s.r.o., registration at Law Court, section C., 65370, ID company number 25734008, VAT company number CZ25734008, Hotel KINGS COURT *****, U Obecniho domu 3 & Hotel KING DAVID Prague*****, Hybernska 42, Prague 1

Loyalty member/client = person who has registered at Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Programme is intended only for corporate clients. Membership in the Loyalty Program is free. Loyalty Program participation is open to any person who made a booking at Hotel KINGS COURT & Hotel KING DAVID Prague and registered into Loyalty Programme.


Registration is done by completing the form, “Application for membership in the Loyalty Programme”. This form will be sent to sales@hotelkingscourt.cz for approving.

Then each participant receives automatically assigned original account number and password for entry. These data will be sent to member´s email address.

Obligatory fields are unchangeable. Optional data can be changed at any time.
If the information is wrong the hotel cannot guarantee correct execution of the price order.

Loyalty points

  • Each member of the Loyalty program can get points for bookings and conference services. The points are not transferable. Getting loyalty points entitles the member to draw the reward. The points cannot be transferred to other account member/email account.
  • Points are added according to the principle 1 point = 1 CZK revenue achieved by accommodation and conference room rentals (including FnB services). Maximum achieved points in one order / action can be 500 000 points.
  • In case the Loyalty member is utilizing hotel conference services and draws gift vouchers from the special promotion "Override", the hotel will not add any points into the Loyalty Program from the same event
  • Points will be assigned always latest by the 15th of the following month. Hotel will control whether the booking was realized (points are not assigned in case of no show). In case of any booking change, the points will be assigned based on booking realized. The hotel reserves the right to adjust the total value of loyalty points.
  • Points are calculated only from the spent price of accommodation, not for additional services such as taxi, mini bar, telephone, etc.

Points can be obtained for renting the conference room and ordered conference services and facilities (conference package, coffee breaks, conference equipment, etc.). For the additional services ordered during the conference no points will be added!

  • Loyalty points are converted in CZK value
  • The hotel reserves the right to create special offers for Loyalty program members. These offers will be applicable only at certain periods in a calendar year or on certain days of the week. These offers will be announced to clients in the form of Special Offers mailings.
  • Points can be obtained only when sending the reservation request directly to the hotel KINGS COURT & Hotel KING DAVID Prague, e.g. via e-mail address: reservation@hotelkingscourt.cz or reservation@hotelkingdavid.cz . The points cannot be added when making a booking through 3rd party
  • The hotel reserves the right to change products and their value any time according to the needs of Hotel KINGS COURT
  • If the Loyalty member is not active more than 6 months (no points added for more than 6 months), the hotel has the right to cancel the profile and deactivate all the points collected without getting any reward. This decision may make the hotel without prior notice.

Drawing loyalty points – order rewards

  • Loyalty points entitle the member to choose the reward from the Loyalty programme
  • Rewards that are available for a member are marked with green options "ORDER"
  • Rewards that are not available due to insufficient number of points are marked in red and cannot be "ORDERED"
  • When you click the button “ORDER, the system will offer recap stating: repetition rewards, the number of points scored and the number of points needed to order. Then you will be ask for your reconfirmation.
  • After the confirmation, an email with order information will be sent to the hotel. The hotel will contact you back to process the order - whether you wish the reward to be sent to the address that you specified at the section “my account” or whether it is possible to handover a reward personally.
  • After making an order the points will be automatically deducted from your account. The point’s movement is recorded in the history of your account.
  • All the products in Loyalty Program are limited, it means we can offer only 1 piece of each product per Loyalty member. In case the member of Loyalty program orders more than 1 piece of the product, the hotel has the right to decline such type of order. The only exception is in case of ordering the vouchers to SPA KINGS COURT and into Brasserie mEating Point. These vouchers can be ordered – max. 5 vouchers/person/outlet.

Loyalty programme sections

My Account

- in this section you can find –

Member identification number – number is automatically assigned after acceptance of the hotel. A member of the loyalty program cannot change this number.

Name and Surname - these two items cannot be changed because of the uniqueness of the individual accounts of members. Both items are entered by completing and sending the Loyalty Application form.

Company - company name is filled in a profile of each member by completing the form Application for membership in the Loyalty Programme. A member of the loyalty programme cannot change it. It is possible to register a company with more company bookers. Each person has to fill in a form with appropriate email address to create an own account.

Postal address - it is an address for sending ordered rewards. It may not be the same as a company address. This item can be changed anytime.

Email address - this is the email address to which hotel will send all the information about Loyalty programme. It may not be the same as the corporate email address. This item can be updated anytime by the Loyalty member.

New Password and Confirm New Password, your password for Loyalty Programme can be changed anytime.

"Cancellation of special offers" - If you wish to cancel receiving Special Offers please send your request for cancellation to e-mail address: sales@hotelkingscourt.cz

My Account - This section informs the member about account balance. Displays the current number of points as well as the history of crediting loyalty points or drawing.

Contact - through this section the member has the opportunity to contact the hotel. By completing the icons the message will be automatically sent to the hotel.


Provider as an administrator is processing personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. On the protection of personal data registered in the name of the participant Loyalty Program, in order to verify its current participation in the Loyalty Program, the performance of delivery of ordered goods, and other business and provider's marketing purposes, including sending commercial communications by electronic means in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. and for a period of 5 years. Personal data will not be provided to third parties or otherwise used without the consent of the holders of these data.

The Provider is entitled to process personal data through a designated processor, the Loyalty Program participant acknowledges that this processor is designed not subject to further approval. Participant has the right to request cancellation and deletion of personal data from the database provider or a designated processor. Changes or cancellation request please send to sales@hotelkingscourt.cz